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Deko 190

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Optional Automatic Non-Touch Door

The Deko 190 ward disinfector is designed for use in long-term care facilities, hospitals and health care centres. It is a microprocessor controlled washing and thermal disinfection machine used for a wide range of articles e.g. bedpans, urine bottles, kidney basins, hand wash basins, bowls and other re-usable items.

The Deko 190's cleaning and thermal disinfecting efficiency have been stringently tested and approved internationally. Its unique, patented water circulation washing principle results in outstanding mechanical washing efficiency with the minimum usage of water and energy. The water circulation washing principle allows for a longer and more efficient washing stage resulting in a standard of cleaning that cannot be matched by flusher disinfectors. The Deko 190 is the only disinfector in the world using this revolutionary washing technique. The Deko 190 also comes with a detergent pump included as standard equipment, dosing the correct amount of detergent into the circulating water. This allows the detergent to penetrate all surfaces of the load items, internal pipework, chamber and water tank of the machine.

Disinfection is carried out by steam, internally generated in an unpressurized boiler. Deko 190's internal water and steam process completely prevents unpleasant odors and bacterial growth inside the machine. The Deko 190 is also the only machine that accomplishes disinfection of the water tank, piping, outlet and chamber each cycle.

The Deko 190's design allows for the automatic emptying of bedpans and urine bottles upon closing of the machine door. This critical feature minimizes staff exposure to infectious bodily substances. The Deko 190 is constructed to withstand continuous use, taking into account the demanding requirements for thorough cleaning and disinfection. It is constructed of stainless steel and all of the components have undergone the most stringent tests and quality controls.

Service of the Deko 190 is easy, as all of the electrical components are accessible from the top plate of the machine and maintenance can be carried out without having to move the machine. Simplicity in installation and servicing of the machine were focal points in its design. For additional information on installation and servicing, please contact us.

Large Capacity
  • 2 bedpans/lids + 4 urine bottles
  • 4 hand wash basins + 4 urine bottles
  • 2 suction bottles/lids
  • various combinations of bowls, dishes, baskets, etc.
    • Five variable programs.
    • Automatic emptying by closing the door.
    • Automatic detergent dosage system.
    • Three rotating jets.
    • Four fixed spray nozzles.
    • Door safety lock prevents opening during cycle.
    • Free-standing.
    • Front-loading.
    Standard Equipment
    • Rack for 2 bedpans
    • Spray tubes for 4 urine bottles
    • Hinged grating for buckets and hollowware
    • Detergent pump

    Extra Equipment
    • Wetting agent pump
    • Descaling agent pump
    • Lockable door for detergent container
    • Higher legs for easier cleaning

    • For a complete list of available accessories please contact us or see "link to brochure".

    • Non-pressurized steam generator
    • Condenser
    • High-limit switch
    • Detergent pump
    • Flexible water intake hoses
    • Inlet water filters
    • Anti-siphonage valves
    • Check valves
    • Adjustable feet
    • Electrical cable
    • Water trap
    • main switch
    • cycle indicators
    • program selection and start buttons
    • digital temperature display
    • selected program and phase indication
    • malfunction code display
    Program Example
    • cold water flush
    • cold water and warm water rinse
    • warm water circulation wash
    • warm water rinse · disinfection
    • disinfection
    • total time approximately 7 minutes

    1. Electrical 120/208V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 6.6 kW, 19 A
    2. Cold water, Ø ½ "
    3. Hot water, Ø ½ "
    4. Outlet, Ø 90/110 mm
    5. *Steam, Ø ½ "
    6. *Condensation, Ø ½ "

    *Only in steam heated models.

    Technical data
    Heating power 6.6 kW
    Circulation pump 1.5 kW, output 600 l/min
    Water consumption 47 l/cycle
    Energy consumption 0.4 kWh/cycle
    Inlet minimum/maximum water pressure 1-8 bar, 15-115 psi
    Heat transmission 1-3 bar, 15-45 psi
    Net Weight 102kg/225 lbs



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